Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips on Managing Virtual Teams

I recently attended an eCornell webinar on How to Manage Virtual Global Teams. Bradford Bell, Associate Professor at the Cornell University ILR School was the presenter.

Professor Bell stated that virtual teams must correct for a lack of the usual opportunities for social communication present in teams that physically work together. He recommends having a face to face meeting early on in the process and utilizing social media. Bell also provided details on optimizing configuration issues and influencing team dynamics. I learned a great tip for reducing side conversations on conference calls and how to develop "swift trust" in virtual teams.

The archive of the presentation is here:

The Powerpoint slides are here:

In my experience in working 'virtually' with coworkers from around the state, I have found that becoming Facebook 'friends' or following them on Twitter enables me to learn about their lives and engage more easily in social conversation.

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