Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Promote Creativity in Your Project Management Team

We studied several different ways to classify the personality and learning style of members of a project management team in my eCornell class - Dealing With Difference.

The MBTI assessment helps project managers assess the personality strengths of their team members. The Kolb Learning Style Inventory provides insight on how team members prefer to learn.

Both of these tools can be used to promote creative problem solving in a project management team, so I have been thinking a lot about creativity in the past month.

I would like to think I am a creative person. Watching creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson in a 2006 Ted Conference talk titled 'Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity' left me with a hard question to answer.

How Frightened Am I To Be Wrong?

The ability to be comfortable with being wrong is essential to allowing creativity to flourish in my life.

Robinson tells the story of a little girl who was given low marks in school because she needed to move in order to think, and school rewards those who can sit quietly as well as those who excel in certain subjects. She found her true calling when her mother sent her to dance school.

How does that apply to creativity in project management? Do I accommodate those who learn by physically trying out a new skill as well as those who prefer to gather data and input from others before trying the skill? Do I let the extroverts carry the discussion, or do I make sure that the introverts are also asked to participate?

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