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How to use LinkedIn to improve your resume - Lisa Rangel, Chameleon Resume interview

I recently spoke with @lisarangel on Twitter. She is the talent behind Chameleon Resumes, an expert resume writer & job search coach as well as a former recruiter who "Knows What Companies Want."

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel is leading eCornell's webinar "How to Build Your Network for Maximum Career Growth" on 5/26

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel I've had requests to recommend connections on LinkedIn. What should I write? What are employers looking for?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson first, I want to thank you for having me on as a job search resource this morning :) happy to help!

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Employers r looking 4 genuine & sincere reco's. No reciprocal ones. Mention specific skills & results. No platitudes

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel Does recommending several people on LinkedIn have a downside for me?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Absolutely not. As long as the reco’s are genuine and specific and not solely reciprocal and vague, they will have value.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Making reco's show you have relationships and are happy to promote others achievements, as well...

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel Is having LinkedIn recommendations important for people not currently in market for a job? Is it worth it to ask for recos?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Yes & Yes. Recruiters sort results by those w/ or w/o reco’s. Get them!! Asking is also an excuse to chat with ur network.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson When job searching, seize any opportunity for meaningful keeps your name out there and top of mind.

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel OK, but what about when you are NOT job searching? How important is LinkedIn?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Best time to grow ur network is when u don't need it! U will b perceived as interested in ppl vs. needing something.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson growing ur linkedin network is growing ur own database of contacts that's 2 more degrees out from ppl u valuable!

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel Is there downside to having LinkedIn connection to person I don't know well? Can I have too many 'weak' connections?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Having more connections expands your reach. You need many meaningful connections and ‘meaningful’ can have many definitions.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson 'weak' is relative ...

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson I am one of those nutty optimists that can aim to see potential opportunity in everything. :)

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel my fear is that a link of a link will call our link in common and ask about me. If answer is "don't know her that well," I lose.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson I don't think u lose.maybe u just don't win as much :) I have qualified to links the length to which I know someone-no prob

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel If I haven't updated my resume in 5+ years, are there any new techniques I should learn? How has the game changed?

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Content should be achievement driven and not a list of tasks. Ensure it's searchable & digestible to resume databases.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson when writing resumes, use top 1/3 wisely-it's prime resume real estate!

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel Is ongoing education on a resume relevant / important to employers? My education portion hasn't changed in 10 yrs.

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson Employers are looking for commitment 2 ur field & lifelong learning thru ongoing education and professional associations

LisaRangel @kathleenlisson take classses or engage associations that can help keep your skills and network fresh--grow your brain and contacts at once!

Kathleenlisson @lisarangel Thanks so much for answering my ?'s.

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