Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Chose to earn my Certificate in Project Leadership from eCornell.

Hello, my name is Kathleen Lisson. I work in Public Relations, and I graduated college in 1999, which means I have not had to "crack a textbook" for class credit in well over a decade.

I enjoy reading books on business and leadership, but I felt that a more concrete indication on my resume of my commitment to life-long learning was needed.

I looked into courses offered at the well-advertised online universities, as well as at SUNY - Albany and Empire State College here in Albany, NY but felt that I wanted a "bigger bang for my buck" if I was going to invest my time and finances into a program of study. I needed a recognized leader in education and a program that would sharpen my skills in leading and managing teams. I love my present career, but I am always looking to improve myself and my skills. I needed a University and a course of study that would put my resume on the top of any company's 'short list' of potential hires.

The Cornell Daily Sun recently reported that, "eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning company, has recently been named a Top 20 Leadership Development Company by Training Industry Inc. and awarded “Best Leadership Development Program” by eLearning! magazine at the 2009 Best of eLearning Readers’ Choice Awards."

I decided on Cornell University, and I am now set to start taking classes to earn my Certificate in Project Leadership. I hope that this blog will help me be a more effective student and help you decide if Cornell is right for you, too.

Thank you for your time! I would love to hear your feedback and questions. Please email me at lisson@gmail.com

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