Monday, April 26, 2010

Two tips to get the most out of Cornell Project Leadership classes

I am in my second week of my Intro to Project Leadership class at eCornell! In addition to logging on to the eCornell website and reading the lesson material, I have found two other ways to learn more about project management skills.

1. Follow the discussions via email. In the Discussion Forum, I chose 'Watch this Topic via Email.' That way, I receive the posts by the instructor and the other students in my email in box as they are posted, instead of having to log onto the eCornell website multiple times every day to keep track of the discussion.

2. Join the Instructor in the Chat Room during office hours. I 'met' several other students in my class and got a 'sneak peek' at the assignments we would be completing in later courses. The ability to network with other project management professionals and build connections is invaluable, especially in today's economy.

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