Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will an eCornell Certificate in Project Leadership result in career advancement?

I put the following message at the bottom of most of my posts on this blog -

"Thank you for your time! If you have any questions about my experience with the eCornell Project Leadership classes, please email me at"

The most frequent question I receive in my email box is a version of - "Has a Certificate in Project Leadership resulted in career advancement?"

I believe earning my Certificate in Project Leadership was a good decision for me, because it helped me fulfill my goals.

I wanted my employer to know that I was interested in learning and growing as an employee. I am not just here to punch a time clock and earn a paycheck. Investing my time and money in ongoing education from eCornell has broadcast that message loud and clear.

I wanted to learn skills that would make my job easier, more rewarding and more productive. The tools and strategies I learned in my eCornell Project Leadership classes have helped me to properly manage my time and better handle conflict with coworkers.

I wanted to contribute to my workplace in new ways. As a result of ideas we worked with in class and supplemental reading, I have become a more proactive employee, submitting ideas that would improve employee morale and make existing teamwork more effective.

Earning my Certificate in Project Leadership from eCornell has given me a higher quality of life when it comes to dealing with teams at my place of employment and in my personal life.

I welcome other alumni of eCornell classes to share the reasons why they took the eCornell classes and their post-Certificate employer experiences!


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